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Mr President

Classic FM (Global Radio)

You may not know the name, but you will know the music

Classical music evokes powerful emotions, making it relatable to a broad and varied audience.

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Agency: You may not know the name, but you will know the music, Mr President

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We’ve all had that moment. That, I’m-sure-I-know-that-intro moment, when there is a desperate scramble to figure out the song name. Music lodges itself in your mind and can transport you straight back to a moment, forever reminiscent of the feeling it first inspired.

Classical music’s audience is broad and varied, and often unsuspecting. The background to so many iconic movie scenes, listeners may not know the title or composer, but they’ll know the music. This was the insight behind Mr President’s new campaign for Classic FM, created to inspire a new legion of film lovers to the radio station.

The thirty second slot is a national cinema ad, which will be supported by social and press, that celebrates the station’s 25th birthday. The simplicity of the visuals ensures that the audience have to use their imagination, and allows the music to take centre stage. There is the sultry concerto suggestive of an elegant woman; the passionate symphony played in heroic war scenes; and the iconic chase scene overture.

The ad demonstrates the prevalence of classical music throughout popular culture, thus showing just how relatable the pieces of music really are and how powerfully emotive one tune can be.

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