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Jack Daniel's

Communicator - Jack Daniels

How do you keep a client for over 20 years?

Our unique relationship with Jack has developed into one of the industry’s leading CRM programmes

Disciplines: Digital, Social

Sector: Alcoholic Drinks

Agency: How do you keep a client for over 20 years? , Communicator

BITE Insight

Many articles have been written about the digital savvy audience’s lack of brand loyalty. With more information than ever available, consumers have all the research at their fingertips, allowing them to pick and choose a brand that suits them in that moment.

For over 20 years Jack Daniel's, alongside Communicator, has been building a long-term relationship with its customers. ‘Friends of Jack’ is one of the UK’s longest running and most successful CRM programmes, that focuses on the longevity of loyalty rather than a few quick-fix sign ups.

The omnichannel approach has grown with their audience, by listening to where their consumers are, not telling them where to go. A content first approach allows Jack to take part in an ongoing conversation through stories and product truths, rather than simply trying to force a sale.

Communicator worked with Jack Daniel's to inform their Think Human strategy, using data analytics, as well as a human approach, to deduce what their consumers want. Learn from your consumers and the CRM programme will have a greater chance of consistent, and genuine, success.

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