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Marmite Gene Project

Love it or hate it, it's in the genes.

Disciplines: Advertising/Creative

Sector: Food & Drink

Agency: Marmite Gene Project, adam&eveDDB

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It's the age old question: are you a lover or a hater? Of Marmite that is. It is the spread that divides many a breakfast table. But, if you've always wondered which camp you fall into, without trying the spread, you can now find out. It turns out, whether you love it or you hate it, your genes will betray you.

adam&eveDDB worked with Marmite to create a tongue-in-cheek TV ad for the Gene Project, an idea that shows families around the country receiving their Marmite genetic test results, all to the soundtrack of the stirring bars of Elgar's Nimrod.

Viewers see a young couple who are expecting a baby, a happy family sitting around having breakfast before school and an older couple enjoying each other's company, all nervously awaiting the envelope of results.

To undertake this study, adam&eveDDB partnered with fitness and nutrition genetics company DNAFit to conduct a trial of 250 healthy adults, that determined whether there actually was a genetic predisposition to the spread. The study scientifically showed that people's genetic makeup can actually reveal their Marmite preferences.

The campaign launched with a TV slot and will continue online and across social media under the slogan Just Try It. The test has also been brought into the real world, spreading across new touch points, with consumers able to test themselves using Marmite Gene Test Kits bought from the brand's website or received with online grocery deliveries. 

The campaign provides an answer to the age old question, and famous marketing slogan, in the hope that people will buy Marmite, try Marmite and once and for all find out whether they are a lover, or a hater.

The reality is, love it or hate it, it's in your genes.

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