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Hippeas came to us with a name, a product (the world’s first organic puffed chickpea snack), and a vision: to launch a credible challenger within the global snacks market. Our task? To deliver a brand that would capture the imagination of a millennial audience and succeed as a modern, mainstream brand.

Creative idea
Hippeas are organic and healthy, but we didn’t want them to look niche or small-time. Our ambition was to create a bold, contemporary and charismatic brand – one that would resonate with the modern hippies: socially aware and culturally re-appropriating consumers. The creative idea did just that, re-imagining the conventions of the 1960s Hippie era for today.

Creative expression
As the brand name alone unlocks such a rich visual language in the mind, we wanted to avoid the cliches of the hippie era and create something charismatic and relevant for today and the future. The brave, confident visual identity sets the scene - a bold yellow brand colour and an abstracted smiling ‘Hippeas face' (with a twinkling eye subtly referencing a chickpea) - and the playful Hippeas tone of voice does the rest. Since launching in June 2016, Hippeas have secured listings in over 18,500 stores worldwise, and they're just getting started.


Hippeas Brand Film from jkr on Vimeo.
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