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Google - Think with Google

Amplify + Google answer the advertising industry’s burning questions through a series of events...

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Think with Google is its platform and resource for the advertising industry to bring together high-level data, insights and big ideas that explore forward-looking perspectives and give a behind-the-scenes look at digital campaigns.


Amplify were challenged to create and develop Think with Google’s hero event for the UK’s largest and most influential advertisers and agencies.

Inspired by “Everything Starts with a Search” we needed to deliver an experience that would win the hearts as well as the minds of advertisers, reigniting their passion for the magic of Search.


We live in an age where digital innovation has propelled the marketing industry at such mind-blowing pace, and where marketers need fresh ideas, backed by data, analysis and insights, to stay inspired.


Google are on a mission to connect people to the things that are most important to them, in ways that are natural, human, invisible, intuitive and personal. Our strategy was to bring this to life, creating a personal, interactive and experience rich event bespoke to each of our guests - facilitating two-way conversation with our influential advertising guests during the day, and beyond. 


Think with Google

Think with Google unveiled the latest trends and research in digital marketing to nearly 300 top senior advertisers in the UK at the event, and a further 1,000 who watched the live stream.  

All this content illuminated how brands can offer value in the age of always-on assistance and how machine learning can improve our daily lives while making the world a better place.

The show opened with a performance by the first ever “Google Hangout Orchestra”, bringing live musicians together from across the UK.

Experts, including Jason Spero - the Vice President of Performance Media at Google – shared case studies and top tips for success as well as introducing an array of new and innovative advertising solutions. 

An array of spectacular sessions were on sight to see including the world’s fasted rapper battling head to head with the world’s fastest SMS typer. An out of the box keynote by EQ matters delved deep into how technology can help us spend more time on what really matters. And a Q&A by Future Lab looked into the subject diversity in artificial intelligence

And to ensure no question went unanswered, our ‘Search Bar’ allowed guests to pose questions to the experts, creating a sense of inclusivity that oozes creative juices and big ideas.

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