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Deutsche Telekom: helping to fight dementia across Europe with gaming

Deutsche Telekom believes in the power of sharing – our “Life’s For Sharing” creative platform has been a successful vehicle for the organization since 2008.

Last year, our clients came to us with a new challenge: to update the creative platform for a new generation across Europe, and simultaneously use the power of the network to bring it to life for our customers.

The answer lay in an unlikely partnership with - and commitment to - the world’s least popular good cause: dementia – a disease that destroys memories, so they can no longer be shared with the ones you love.

In the UK alone, 47 million people suffer with dementia, but research is decades behind that for cancer. The main problem is data – or specifically, lack of data – on why dementia happens, and on how it can be prevented.

Taking advantage of the world’s passion for mobile gaming – but this time, using gaming for good - we created “Sea Hero Quest” a multi-level adventure game designed specifically to help advance the understanding of spatial navigation, and therefore understand one of the first symptoms of dementia.

Every aspect of the game was designed to collect information that could be translated into scientific data, with the ambition of this data being harnessed by experts at UCL and turned into new diagnostic tests for the disease.

This year we have developed on the success of the mobile game and created the world’s first consumer focused Virtual Reality (VR) game where anyone can help scientists fight dementia through gameplay.

Sea Hero Quest VR presents scientists with the opportunity for cross-validation of the data collected by Sea Hero Quest mobile. Providing data that is 15x more precise than that of the mobile game, Sea Hero Quest VR brings scientists one-step closer towards helping doctors detect dementia earlier. An important development, this is likely to provide the format of a diagnostic tool yet to be developed.

The 2016 Sea Hero Quest campaign became the world’s largest dementia study of its kind, collecting the data of nearly 3 million people worldwide and generating the equivalent of over 12,000 years’ worth of research. The mobile game inspired millions of people across the world to share their time and their data to help fight dementia, by tapping into an existing consumer behaviour.

Since its launch, the campaign has been honoured with 61 awards worldwide including 11 Cannes Lion awards and three D&AD pencils. It has also garnered over €30m of earned media in press coverage and has been shared by over 2,700 media outlets to date.


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