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Bexy Cameron, November 28th 2017

‘This is no ‘Me Me Me Generation’, the confidence of today’s young people could help shape a more positive future’ | Positive News

Challenging the narrative around today’s youth as a smartphone-obsessed, insecure generation, Bexy Cameron argues that, in fact, they foster the type of innovation, balance and progressiveness to shape a brighter future...

Jonathan Emmins, October 6th 2017

Welcome to Experiential’s Golden Age | Campaign Magazine

Once dismissed as above-the-line marketing’s poor relation, the industry appears to be finding a renewed respect for experiential and agencies have been falling over themselves to get a slice of the brand-experience pie, says Amplify’s founder, Jonathan Emmins...

Bexy Cameron, June 27th 2017

Influencer whitelists: the own-goal that over-sanitises raw authenticity | Campaign Magazine

Brands can't expect to work with real people and assume they'll hit the mark with all audiences...

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