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Tweet : May 23rd 2018 21:25
Retailers should be wary of creating just another app according to our Head of Digital Commerce, @christa_conte.
Tweet : May 23rd 2018 14:22
Tomorrow we'll be at the @PrincesTrust #GetHired event in London! We can't wait to meet all of the candidates. Learn more about how #YouthCanDoIt here:
Tweet : May 21st 2018 18:34
Our resident measurement guru, @westofcenter, wrote 10 tips on how to set communication KPIs for @PRCA_UK's blog. ??
Tweet : May 21st 2018 13:27
So proud of our global CEO, @barbbq, for being named one of the most influential women in bay area business.
Tweet : May 18th 2018 14:15
In this week's #HealthTech round up @CreditSuisse invested $250M into aMoon, @Qventus raised $30M in Series B funding, @Mercom announced its best fundraising quarter ever and @UnihealthUK released its findings on social media and mental health.
Tweet : May 17th 2018 15:30
We're all about asking important questions and so is #HWclient @BICSHAVECLUB_UK.
Tweet : May 16th 2018 12:12
You definitely saw the @hostelworld ad with @MariahCarey... perhaps even multiple times. That was our doing. ????
Tweet : May 14th 2018 12:34
From banks to energy providers and everything in-between, new technologies are making it increasingly easy to swipe and tap our way to better deals... according to @flick235.
Tweet : May 11th 2018 11:00
In this week's #HealthTech round up WeDoctor raised $500M in funding, @NHSEngland put $3.5M towards diabetes education, @LyraHealth raised $45M in funding and more!
Tweet : May 10th 2018 15:56
Our global CEO, @barbbq, shared the best advice her mom ever gave her to @Forbes, in honor of #MothersDay.
Tweet : May 9th 2018 20:42
Big thanks to everyone who attended the #PRCAHRForum today at our London office... especially @wadds and @jrwellstead who told us #AI won't be taking our jobs anytime soon!
Tweet : May 9th 2018 20:19
???? to doing it all? Find your inner octopus. @Alukomnik
Tweet : May 9th 2018 20:14
???? to getting help when you're a team of one? Take colleagues to lunch or drinks and turn them into evangelists/employee ambassadors. These ambassadors can often write content and help educate people. @Alukomnik
Tweet : May 9th 2018 20:13
???? to being a social media manager? Be patient. Be flexible. Over-communicate. @Alukomnik
Tweet : May 9th 2018 20:11
Shoutout to our Head of Social Impact, @Alukomnik, for speaking at #SSU2018 today! Catch some of his ???? takeaways below.
Tweet : May 9th 2018 13:37
It's official! With more than 2,600 votes we had @prweekuknews's favorite campaign in April! ????
Tweet : May 8th 2018 16:14
NBD. Just twinning with a client. @LookerData
Tweet : May 7th 2018 23:45
@SlackHQ When we need a boss emoji, we use an emoji of *the* boss. @barbbq
Tweet : May 4th 2018 15:49
In this week's #HealthTech round up @Novartis launched its FocalView app, @SukiHQ raised $20M to create a voice assistant for doctors, @98point6Inc launched its chat-based telemedicine platform and more!
Tweet : May 3rd 2018 16:41
Blockchain is a hot topic. Blockchain in healthcare? Now that's something to watch. @blushingcatt shares why it's noteworthy.
Tweet : May 2nd 2018 22:27
Need to create buyer personas? Don't sweat the little details. Do it right and use qualitative research.
Tweet : May 2nd 2018 22:21
@ElliotLerner1 @Hotwire @barbbq Hi Elliot! We are Hotwire, the global communications agency. We are not associated with Hotwire, the travel agency, but we are sorry for your bad experience. @Hotwire’s 1-800 number is 1-866-381-3981. Hope this helps!
Tweet : May 1st 2018 21:51
One of our favorite quotes of the day... "Being on a board is being the boss of bosses." - @wienbar #BoardReady
Tweet : May 1st 2018 18:39
Proud to be a sponsor of @theboardlist's 'Board Ready' workshop today at @TwitterSF!
Tweet : May 1st 2018 17:38
Our work with @Hostelworld was named one of @prweekuknews' favorite campaigns in April! Vote for our favorite below. ????
Tweet : May 1st 2018 15:33
Join us next Wednesday (9 May) at our London office for a chat on 'Artificial Intelligence and Employment in PR.' @PRCA_UK
Tweet : Apr 30th 2018 23:08
Ever wonder how you can successfully run social as a team of one? @Alukomnik gave some advice to @PRNews.
Tweet : Apr 30th 2018 16:48
Read how @Adobe encourages its employees to behave like entrepreneurs. #HWclient ?
Tweet : Apr 30th 2018 14:55
Pleased to welcome David Brain to the @enerogroup.
Tweet : Apr 27th 2018 22:44
We’re a bit biased, but @avalara’s Hawk Tower is definitely the geekiest and coolest. Vote below for the clear winner. ????

The Red Bulletin - Raising awareness of The Red Bulletin magazine
The Red Bulletin
Raising awareness of The Red Bulletin magazine
Public relations (PR)
Placing The Red Bulletin's interview content in mainstream media to drive sales of the magazine.
Dec 7th 2017 14:07:07
BIC SHAVE CLUB - BIC SHAVE CLUB launches in the UK revealing the future of facial hair
BIC SHAVE CLUB launches in the UK revealing the future of facial hair
Public relations (PR)
Is it finally time to say goodbye to the beard?
Nov 17th 2017 09:16:42
3Doodler - An education 'must-have'
An education 'must-have'
Public relations (PR)
Positioning 3Doodler as the must-have education aid within the blind community
Aug 7th 2017 13:27:54
Brompton  - An Electric Launch
An Electric Launch
Public relations (PR)
Supporting the launch of the Brompton Electric, the company's first electric bike
Jul 31st 2017 11:40:40

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