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Tweet : Sep 22nd 2017 17:02
Friday drinks in Finnieston just got 999 times more fun! Welcome @999design to your new home here at Elliot St. Cheers!
Tweet : Sep 21st 2017 16:47
#Bitmoji Equatorite Jen is as much of a caffeine fiend as real life Jen. Read about Snapchat's newest #AR feature:
Tweet : Sep 20th 2017 11:00
Learn all about coding #careers at @ladiesofcode's #Glasgow panel featuring snr dev @crgrieve: #NationalCodingWeek
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 14:13
Check out senior dev @crgrieve's blog on @codecraftuk – a coding conference with a difference #NationalCodingWeek
Tweet : Sep 18th 2017 15:45
We’re up for five @HSDigitalAwards! Two for our @clydesdalebank work, two for digital professional of the year - plus agency of the year!
Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 08:58
RT @999design: It's been emotional but 999 has left the building! We hope you've got the welcome party started @equatoragency ????#movingday #
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 14:49
In the wake of #AppleEvent, Google's taking a subtle approach to announce the #Pixel2 release date. We’re intrigued
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 14:38
@maaaley We'll keep our fingers crossed for you!
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 12:25
Seems @JustEatUK have perfectly timed their @smwldn talk before lunch #sohungry #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 11:37
RT @SBNN_National: Investing in tech will help hotels win back power from Online Travel Agents according to @equatoragency - SBNN https://t
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 10:14
Flamingo parties are a thing, and you can target them. #SMWLDN #Pinterest
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 10:10
50% of pinners don't know they are being served ads. Nice. #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 10:08
Starting the morning with @Pinterest at @smwldn. Looking forward to pics of elaborate food and DIY #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 10:06
RT @Scots_Creative: Congratulations @oneblackbear @rrdcreative @whitespacers @equatoragency for being nominated! #Scott
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 16:41
We're in the presence of the first "emoji translator". What a job title. #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 15:21
Will FOMO and social help VR go mainstream? #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 11:36
Ohh the new £10 note looks pretty, can we have one please? #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 10:16
20% of all time spent on mobile is spent on Facebook and Instagram. That's a lot of cat pictures. #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 10:06
Starting off today's #SMWLDN talks with @facebook. No surprises, mobile is dominating.
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 08:00
Our super-talented designer Lindsey has launched an art exhibition. It's in the US but you can take a peek here:
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 16:17
Just because there's no character limit on Facebook, doesn't mean you need to write War and Peace #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 16:14
Hot tip for getting Twitter engagement from @davidschneider #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 16:01
Are brands getting too carried away with emojis? #SMWLDN #hellofellowkids
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 15:57
We're getting excited for the #iPhone8 launch tonight. #AR & 3D photos are top of our wishlist. What are your theories?
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 15:33
"The days of editorial calendars are gone, start thinking what value you can create" #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 14:24
Facebook video: design for sound off; delight with sound on #SMWLDN #SMWplatforms
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 13:44
"76% of people trust UGC more than other content" #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 11:55
"More than £1.7B spent on paid social in the U.K. Last year" #SMWLDN
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 11:43
"The ROI of social media is that your brand will exist 5 years from now" #SMWLDN #SMWsociallyawkward
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 11:24
"Create culture, don't steal from it" #SMWLDN #SMWsociallyawkward

(Village Hotels)
Equator launches innovative 'virtual concierge' using Amazon Dot for Village Hotels.
Sep 18th 2017 16:18:53

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