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Tweet : Jan 8th 2018 13:28
What we'll be looking at
Tweet : Dec 8th 2017 12:17
Great to see our client @ABSOLUTUK featured in this important piece
Tweet : Nov 28th 2017 13:41
If you haven't checked our client @infatuation and their amazing London're missing out
Tweet : Oct 31st 2017 10:34
BOOO. Need a Halloween digital news fix? We thought so...
Tweet : Oct 26th 2017 17:22
John Doe and @infatuation go dutch on dinner to celebrate their London launch #eaaaaats
Tweet : Oct 6th 2017 15:40
@Buzz_Awards @agencypmg @CiscoLive @MGOMD @MediaComGlobal @crocbites @goodrelations @SpinMaster *blushes* thanks!
Tweet : Oct 6th 2017 15:38
Great news just in time for the weekend - we've been nominated for Best Social Event for our work with adidas Originals at the @Buzz_Awards!
Tweet : Oct 3rd 2017 10:10
if you haven't watched it already - check out this amazing film from our client @absolutvodka
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 17:54
RT @absolutvodka: Every moment that has shaped the world started with an idea. And now it's your turn... #CreateTomorrow
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 17:46
Are you the one who always makes the dinner plans? Our ace client @infatuation_london are hiring:
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 16:30
Check out the latest film from our client @ABSOLUTUK
Tweet : Sep 1st 2017 10:19
Tweet : Aug 23rd 2017 14:31
Up your DGTL game. Read this:
Tweet : Aug 23rd 2017 14:30
Brighten your day, check out our latest DGTL update here:
Tweet : Aug 18th 2017 11:28
Sneak peak of last night's @adidasUK #EQT event, ahead of the creators studio launching this saturday
Tweet : Aug 10th 2017 10:09
We're on the lookout for a talented account exec to join us... interested? Get in touch
Tweet : Aug 9th 2017 15:31
On a rainy day...
Tweet : Aug 8th 2017 18:36
RT @ItsuOfficial: Our new dragon rolls featured in @StylistMagazine 30 little pick-me-ups today. Pick up a copy and take a look @Franaboutt
Tweet : Aug 7th 2017 10:39
RT @FADsite: The Top 7 Art Exhibitions to see this week in London by @LondonArtCritic
Tweet : Aug 3rd 2017 16:27
Have you tried a freakshake yet? If not - you're missing out!
Tweet : Jul 31st 2017 13:30
If you haven't already checked out this amazing campaign from our client @ABSOLUTUK ...
Tweet : Jul 31st 2017 13:29
RT @ABSOLUTUK: Check the full #kisswithpride photo gallery ????
Tweet : Jul 18th 2017 10:32
Check JD's own Jamie Mancini in the latest issue of PR Week #30under30 #culture
Tweet : Jul 12th 2017 11:41
We had a great weekend celebrating #Pride with @ABSOLUTUK and @thefattony at The @GrouchoClubSoho #kisswithpride
Tweet : Jul 10th 2017 14:15
Great weekend celebrating pride with our client @ABSOLUTUK #kisswithpride
Tweet : Jul 5th 2017 17:08
We know we can't wait for #pinacoladaday
Tweet : Jul 5th 2017 16:50
Amazing night with @absolutvodka @ABSOLUTUK at the premiere of #EqualLove watch the full film here #kisswithpride
Tweet : Jun 22nd 2017 16:45
Burst your bubble
Tweet : Jun 6th 2017 10:50
New home addition?
News : Jun 1st 2017 by Rosie Holden
Through a combination of creative collaborations, content and press office, JD will help establish Hook LDN as the definitive eyewear brand
Tweet : May 31st 2017 14:05
Want invaluable PR experience? Get in touch at to find out more. #internship #summer #placement
News : Feb 1st 2017 by Rosie Holden
John Doe have started working with Ocean Beach Club and STK Group Ibiza on their consumer and trade PR and influencer strategy for 2017
News : Jan 6th 2017 by Rosie Holden
We’re excited to have started working with itsu - fantastic products and fantastic people!
News : Jan 6th 2017 by Rosie Holden
After a very busy end to 2016, we're excited to launch our new website, new branding and some fantastic new clients

Absolut - Global launch of 'One Night' directed by Emmanuel Lubezki
Global launch of 'One Night' directed by Emmanuel Lubezki
Digital, Public relations (PR)
Managing the global launch of Absolut's One Night film across PR and media partnerships
Oct 3rd 2017 10:19:48
adidas Originals - EQT Creator Studio
adidas Originals
EQT Creator Studio
Digital, Public relations (PR)
Engaging media and influencers at the EQT Creator studio
Oct 3rd 2017 10:04:50
Absolut Vodka  - Global launch of 'Equal Love Film' for Absolut
Absolut Vodka
(The Absolut Company )
Global launch of 'Equal Love Film' for Absolut
Digital, Public relations (PR)
Nearly 7m views - launch included an Upworthy partnership, media, influencer and viral site outreach
Aug 1st 2017 12:07:37
Malibu - National Pina Colada Day
(Pernod Ricard)
National Pina Colada Day
Digital, Public relations (PR)
Follow The Pineapple Tuck-Tuck for National Pina Colada Day
Aug 1st 2017 10:20:06
ITSU - ITSU Gyoza Dinner Dumplings
(ITSU Grocery)
ITSU Gyoza Dinner Dumplings
Digital, Public relations (PR)
Press office launch for Gyoza including an 'Eat Beautiful' media and influencer lunch masterclass
Jun 1st 2017 17:19:29

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