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Tweet : Apr 24th 2018 19:32
RT @GeometryGlobal: #TopStory - For the second year in a row, @GeometryLDN received a score of 7 in this year’s @campaignmagazine School Re
Tweet : Apr 24th 2018 17:47
Captivate Content Now Live! Watch highlights of our most recent Captivate event here, where we debated 'Do brands need to be always on to drive growth?' - You can also watch the full recording of the debate on our YouTube channel -
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 16:01
RT @marcommnews: .@WPPHealth Team led by @YR_london launches @pfizer’s #ViagraConnect, tackling decades of stigma and stereotype https://t.
Tweet : Apr 18th 2018 09:47
RT @GeometryGlobal: Andreas Moellmann @geometry_japan weighs in on the future of watch brands @CampaignAsia. “All consumers are fundamenta
Tweet : Apr 17th 2018 15:17
Thank you very much to Mike Myers from @PsigmaIM for running an extremely interesting investment workshop, as part of our Money Matters month. #ggwellbeing #lookafterthepennies #wearegeometry #moneymatters #financialwellness ?????????
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 20:50
RT @GeometryGlobal: Congrats @GeometryLDN on receiving a score of 7 in this year’s @campaignmagazine School Reports! “Geometry Global’s 201
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 15:20
@Oystertweet Thank you ????
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 13:37
We are delighted to have received a score of 7 in this year’s @campaignmagazine School Reports, for the second year in a row 7?????????? #campaignschoolreports2018
Tweet : Apr 16th 2018 12:50
Refurb Update: Stage 2 - scaffolding in place, walls stripped, but the installation by our very creative AM team is still going strong! ???????????? #refurb #newlook #wearegeometry
Tweet : Apr 12th 2018 21:48
RT @SSarahHazell: How do you innovate for the shopper of the future -? Geometry UK's Tom Moore to share insights @ 2018 Europe's leading ev
Tweet : Apr 12th 2018 12:20
Our Head of Shopper @t0mmoore will be speaking at this year's @RtlDesignExpo. Tom will be discussing the topic 'How do you innovate for the polarised shopper of the future'. Come down at see Tom at Olympia London on 3rd May at 15:45 - 16:!5. #shoppermarketing #RDE #RDE2018
Tweet : Apr 11th 2018 17:23
Refurb Update: With our office refurb underway, stage 1 is complete - we’re all boxed up and ready to vacate our current seats #refurb #newlook #movingday #wearegeometry ????????????????
Tweet : Apr 11th 2018 17:19
RT @GeometryGlobal: What makes @gemma_batterby, New Business Director @GeometryLDN, a Women of Tomorrow 2018 winner? Find out: https://t.c
Tweet : Apr 10th 2018 16:05
She’s officially BRITISH! Congratulations claire.squares ???????????????????????? #geezer #cuppa #applesandpears
Tweet : Apr 5th 2018 13:17
RT @SSarahHazell: Isn't it wonderful when tech enhances quality of life? Specially adapted Haptic Glove tech brings art to life for blind p
Tweet : Mar 30th 2018 16:51
RT @SSarahHazell: VR experience allows blind to 'see' world famous sculptures via @campaignmag @geometryglobal
Tweet : Mar 28th 2018 13:37
#alwayson means personalisation, relevance and being where people need you. Thanks for coming - watch this space for the content from today! #captivate #agencylife #brands
Tweet : Mar 28th 2018 09:22
Trying to understand people’s non-conscious decision making is critical for brands with high emotional quotient in their proposition when thinking about #alwayson #captivate
Tweet : Mar 28th 2018 09:15
Understanding how focusing on utility and inspiration for mobile helps brands get over the purchase barriers, no matter what channel your shopper is in #captivate #alwayson
Tweet : Mar 28th 2018 09:04
Shoppers are looking for solutions to their challenges in that moment. How associating cat food with sun cream drove growth #captivate #alwayson
Tweet : Mar 28th 2018 08:51
@tom_moore38 sharing our approach to #alwayson: permanent shoppability; shopper-centric campaigns; and category growth #captivate
Tweet : Mar 28th 2018 08:47
Consumers are #alwayson - the first time they might engage with your brand is on their mobile with an image an inch high. Data is key to optimising this way of shopping @nfbaldwin #captivate
Tweet : Mar 28th 2018 08:40
And we’re off! Thom Noble giving us a valuable lesson in persuasion marketing and tapping into the intuitive decisions a shopper makes #captivate #byronsharp #alwayson
Tweet : Mar 28th 2018 08:09
All set for this morning’s #captivate session when we’re asking ‘Do brands need to be #alwayson to drive growth?’ #agencylife #behaviours
Tweet : Mar 27th 2018 17:40
RT @SSarahHazell: Touching masterpieces - innovative AV haptic gloves brings art to life for the blind - a great ideas from Geometry's Prag
Tweet : Mar 27th 2018 17:40
Our @GeometryGlobal Singapore office is teaching creativity and problem solving with lego bricks, at the Little Village pre-school in Singapore. Read more here: or watch here:
Tweet : Mar 27th 2018 15:32
@tenthavenuewpp @nfbaldwin Looking forward to seeing you too and hearing from @nfbaldwin!!
Tweet : Mar 27th 2018 15:32
RT @tenthavenuewpp: Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow @GeometryLDN at #captivate event! We're very excited to hear from @nfbaldwin our
Tweet : Mar 27th 2018 14:53
Big congratulations to Kate Bailey, from the Data & Analytics team, who has gone above and
Tweet : Mar 27th 2018 12:11
ONE DAY TO GO!! Join us at #captivate as we discuss 'Does a brand need to be always on to drive growth'. Hear the thoughts of our speakers Thom Noble from @Neurostrata, @t0mmoore from @GeometryLDN and @nfbaldwin from @tenthavenuewpp.

Royal British Legion (RBL) - Every Pin Tells a Tale
Royal British Legion (RBL)
(Royal British Legion (RBL))
Every Pin Tells a Tale
Shopper Marketing
To commemorate the bravery and sacrifice of our
soldiers at Passchendaele.
Aug 14th 2017 11:22:07
Ministry of Environment, Colombia - Posters for  Catching Fishermen
Ministry of Environment, Colombia
(Ministry of Environment, Colombia)
Posters for Catching Fishermen
Brand Activation
We designed beautiful posters explaining everything a fisherman needed to know about the fish.
Jun 6th 2017 17:15:59
HSBC - Wake up your savings
Wake up your savings
Shopper Marketing
Wake Up Your Savings was designed to make this seemingly scary world more accessible to customers.
May 19th 2017 11:07:21
Emirates - Flight Time Stories
Flight Time Stories
Shopper Marketing
Emirates provide in-flight entertainment to children every day
Dec 7th 2016 11:14:33
Royal British Legion - Somme 100
Royal British Legion
Somme 100
Integrated marketing
We shortened the purchase journey & inspired purchase of a commemorative pin for The RBL
Sep 13th 2016 18:19:27

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