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Tweet : Jul 13th 2018 11:14
RT @laurajaybee: So proud for the wonderful Gnome, @MrPresident’s newest creative recruit, for her yellow and BLACK @DandADNewBlood @dandad
Tweet : Jul 13th 2018 10:30
We’re immensely proud of our awesome Creative @gnomeegnome for winning a Black and Yellow pencil at the @DandADNewBlood awards last night. Some great work for @AskNationwide and @Shelter, #DearMisterHousingMinister.
Tweet : Jul 12th 2018 17:11
We are excited to announce our first creative campaign for St James’s Market. Look out for it in Time Out magazine, on @StJamesLondon social media and around Piccadilly Circus tube station.
Tweet : Jul 10th 2018 16:06
Our CCO @laurajaybee and VOWSS founder Maureen Bryan talk diversity in the advertising industry in a compelling interview for @shotscreative. Check it out:
Tweet : Jul 9th 2018 11:40
RT @HeartsScienceUK: Thrilled to be shortlisted at the Campaign for Good Awards! We couldn’t be prouder of our work with @MrPresident for @
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 15:49
We are very proud to launch more of our “Come Out For LGBT” work for @StonewallUK How are you coming out this #pride?
Tweet : Jul 4th 2018 15:47
In the spirit of pride, our CCO @laurajaybee among others have named their favourite #LGBTQ ad for @TheDrum. Have a look.
Tweet : Jul 3rd 2018 11:09
We’re proud to launch the next phase of our work for @StonewallUK, encouraging people to ‘Come Out for LGBT’ by making commitments to be visible allies to LGBTQ+ people.
Tweet : Jul 3rd 2018 11:08
We’re loving the new @SheSaysUK podcast with @TheDrum, with our CCO @LauraJayBee championing women in the creative industries.
Tweet : Jul 2nd 2018 16:51
RT @dandad: For over 20 years Laura Jordan-Bambach, CCO of @MrPresident, has brought her fresh and experimental approach to the creative in
Tweet : Jun 28th 2018 14:43
Congratulations to our CCO, @LauraJayBee on the launch of her brilliant new book collaboration: Creative Superpowers, which focuses on how creativity leads to better businesses and culture.
Tweet : Jun 28th 2018 14:41
RT @CreativeSocial: Delighted to announce that our new book launches today and can be found in most good UK bookstores including Amazon - h
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 12:57
For the latest in our ‘Chef Inspired Kitchens’ series with @Miele_GB, we turned the camera on our own creative partner, Laura Jordan Bambach.
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 12:37
RT @gluglondon: Here's our final agency line-up for tomorrow's Summer Party with @canntfestival ?????? Special thanks to the legends @nerdpro
Tweet : Jun 20th 2018 09:42
RT @PinkNews: You can now ask Alexa 'Am I gay?' and other LGBT-related questions
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 18:05
Our CCO, @laurajaybee, on why it's time to ditch the myth of the 'creative rockstar'.
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 16:27
RT @Thtfl: "Brands can change at a pace that governments can't. They have much more freedom to stand for what the majority believes silentl
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 11:18
RT @creativebrief: New BITE #GuestContributor The world is far from acceptance without exception. @laurajaybee CCO @MrPresident discusses t
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 10:26
RT @LiziHamer: VOWSS awards today at 3pm - an incredible way to witness great work from leading Female Directors and CDS. Come join us @Can
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 09:45
Great to see the VOWSS among some fantastic events in @Campaignmag's feminist guide to @Cannes_Lions.
Tweet : Jun 19th 2018 09:45
Our CCO, @laurajaybee on taking our Stonewall campaign to the next level with a new skill for Amazon's Alexa.
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 17:19
That's a wrap on our LGBTQ+A. Thanks to everyone who came, including our fantastic panelists, and of course, Alexa.
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 16:48
We're pleased to see that our new campaign for @SmoothRadio, 'Perfect Companion To Your Day' is now live.
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 15:49
Our CCO, @laurajaybee is doing an amazing job quizzing Amazon's Alexa for our LGBTQ+A at @Cannes_Lions.
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 14:54
We're thrilled to see both of our events, VOWSS and the LGBTQ+A, featured in @ShotsCreative as two of the best events at @Cannes_Lions this week.
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 14:48
RT @laurajaybee: The best entourage ever! @MrPresident @Cannes_Lions #FirstLady
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 14:48
RT @laurajaybee: The stage is set @MrPresident @Cannes_Lions #ComeOutForLGBT #LGBTQA
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 14:47
Today's the day - we're at @Cannes_Lions preparing for our LGBTQ+A.
Tweet : Jun 18th 2018 14:45
RT @Campaignmag: Charity @stonewalluk developed an Amazon Alexa skill that educates people about being LGBT allies
Tweet : Jun 15th 2018 18:08
At Cannes this year, in addition to our LGBTQ+A, Mr. President is proud to sponsor VOWSS 2018.

Stonewall - Alexa, Come Out For LGBT
Alexa, Come Out For LGBT
A new function for Amazon Alexa, where she's able to answer the audience's LGBT questions.
Jun 28th 2018 15:20:25
Stonewall - Come Out For LGBT
Come Out For LGBT
Year 2 of Stonewall's Come Out For LGBT campaign by Mr. President.
Jun 28th 2018 15:08:08
The Body Shop - Red Panda Power!
The Body Shop
(Natura &Co)
Red Panda Power!
Supporting Red Panda Network to protect red pandas in the Himalayas with every Charcoal mask sold.
Apr 19th 2018 11:49:22
St James's - St James's Website
St James's
(The Crown Estate)
St James's Website
A one of a kind experience for the visitors of our redesigned St James's website.
Apr 13th 2018 10:32:31 - Internet for all
Internet for all
Telling the stories of real people who have benefited from a connected world.
Feb 15th 2018 14:06:10

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