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Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 17:31
#tbt to when Amplify and @Converse stuck two fingers up to the weather...check it out:
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 13:13
@27ldn You are very welcome! #familyisfamily
Tweet : Sep 18th 2017 18:04
Big up @charltonbrooker + @NetflixUK on bagging the Outstanding Writing Emmy for @blackmirror S3E4 San Junipero #heavenisaplaceonearth
Tweet : Sep 18th 2017 14:12
Milly's friend @louisweinstock is working on a project to create a safe virtual space to help young people grieve
Tweet : Sep 18th 2017 12:30
Levelsss- @BritishVogue x UK Hip-Hop. Watch it here:
Tweet : Sep 18th 2017 09:15
#HereWeAre, an exhibition into the 'British way of life', celebrating @Burberry Sept '17 collection: Starts today!
Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 15:01
Sunday sessions, what’ve you got planned? Hyped for #dansa SELECTOR SUNDAYS with @bradleyzero + @NTSlive
Tweet : Sep 15th 2017 12:30
#Friday got us feeling like
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 14:18
@ryojiikeda will be performing Test Pattern at @Selfridges on the 28th September. Book your ticket here
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 09:59
Our friends @AmysFoundation's documentary will be on @LondonLive at 21:00 tonight, marking Amy's birthday + AWF's six year anniversary
Tweet : Sep 14th 2017 09:00
It’s never too late to take a #trip! #tbt @Airbnb #Trips. Find out more here:
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 12:30
Fresh #newwork @Spotify's #WhoWeBe with @Jhus + more. Check it...
Tweet : Sep 13th 2017 09:01
"In challenging times, we need creativity" @maryannehobbs #WednesdayWisdom - The rave is not dead! Worth a watch:
Tweet : Sep 12th 2017 09:00
Netflix + Chill? #tbtuesday, #CannesFilmFestival with @netflix Check the vibe out here:
Tweet : Sep 11th 2017 12:30
Last weekend, #VeniceFilmFestival celebrated the Italian series #Suburra with @Netflix. Take a gander
Tweet : Sep 11th 2017 09:00
Early bird catches the worm @Spotify's #WhoWeBe tickets are on sale now! Grab them here:
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 16:51
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 15:28
RT @ReprezentRadio: Strong!! @SpotifyUK @officialgiggs @Jhus @stefflondon @DizzeeRascal @TheBugzyMalone #whowebe
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 15:27
RT @TheBugzyMalone: Looking forward to performing at @SpotifyUK #WhoWeBe concert. Tickets on sale 10am Monday 11th September from https://t
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 15:10
Bringing urban vibez to Ally Pally- Spotify presents: #WhoWeBe, with @Jhus and more. Tickets out Monday #lockarrf
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 12:43
Summer might be coming to an end, but not in our office! #picnic anyone?? Courtesy of @belairfood - cheers ????
Tweet : Sep 8th 2017 12:13
Nourishing the creative as well as humanity, @Converse are back with another #lovejoy art auction @paddle8. #artsforhumanity
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 21:56
@Brokenwittrebel smashing it tonight at #TheMeetingPlace with @JackDanielsUK ????????
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 20:58
It's Tennessee inspired vibes tonight at @JackDanielsUK #TheMeetingPlace
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 17:54
"Be nice, it's nicer" @ThomasHedger x Amnesty International limited edition T. We've copped ours, get yours here:
Tweet : Sep 7th 2017 15:04
Bringing the taste of #Tennessee to the UK @JackDanielsUK #TheMeetingPlace
Tweet : Sep 6th 2017 20:43
@Louise_Myers @billachola Hey @Louise_Myers check out our live tweets all about #influencers #Brands and #GenZ
Tweet : Sep 6th 2017 20:40
@PublicGoodPR Hey @PublicGoodPR check out our live tweets all about #influencers #Brands and #GenZ
Tweet : Sep 6th 2017 20:29
Are #AI #influencers the future? #brands
Tweet : Sep 6th 2017 20:17
@ologie Hey @ologie check our live tweets all about #Brands #GenZ and #consumers

Spotify - #WhoWeBe
Brand Activation, Events, Experiential marketing, Integrated marketing
Amplify + Spotify present #WhoWeBe, bringing Spotify's
#1 Hip Hop + Grime playlist to life...
Sep 8th 2017 16:22:49
Netflix - Netflix at Cannes Film Festival
Netflix at Cannes Film Festival
Events, Experiential marketing
Amplify created Netflix's first home from home...
Sep 6th 2017 09:31:03
PlayStation - PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR
Events, Experiential marketing
Amplify help PlayStation spread the PS VR word all over the world...
Sep 4th 2017 11:42:07
Google - Think with Google
Think with Google
Events, Experiential marketing
Amplify + Google answer the advertising industry’s burning questions through a series of events...
Sep 4th 2017 11:41:54
Sonos - ReScored
Brand Activation, Events, Experiential marketing, Integrated marketing
Amplify + Sonos celebrate the launch of PLAYBASE with a unique competition for filmmakers.
Aug 8th 2017 15:04:01

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