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RT @shotscreative: We go behind the scenes on @GalaxyChocolate's gravity-shifting new spot with an exclusive video & interviews: https://t.
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RT @eggfilmstv: Cowboys in Compton in a @shotscreative HotShot. Need we say more? ???????? @smugglersite @AMV_BBDO https:
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 21:27
RT @AKindElephant: What a brilliant ad, depicting #ComptonCowboys. It's like a mini documentary. #Guinness #neverfails
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 21:27
RT @KatLyonCreative: I love it when a brand uses their commercial space to inspire and showcase the best of the spirit of America(ns). #Com
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RT @peteway: Guinness definitely back on form - great ad - worth a watch! #ComptonCowboys @GuinnessIreland #Adverti
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 21:27
RT @Daniel_willis: Wow! @GuinnessGB are back to their best! Inspiring advert about the #ComptonCowboys #madeofmore
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 21:27
RT @ebona: I'm so obsessed with this @GuinnessGB #ComptonCowboys Ad. Being on a horse feels like you're flying! via
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 21:26
RT @MCMUcomms: We're loving the new @GuinnessIreland #MadeofMore ad campaign, which launched yesterday - #ComptonCowboys
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 16:44
RT @Campaignmag: Ad of the day: Guinness tells the story of real cowboys in LA in new film by @AMV_BBDO https://t.c
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 16:04
RT @750mph: Here's @BenGulvin 's new work for Guinness. 'Compton Cowboys' @AMV_BBDO @MillChannel #SoundDesign http
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 16:04
RT @GLrights: Well this is just brilliant from @AMV_BBDO #ComptonCowboys
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 16:03
RT @creativitymag: Guinness tells remarkable story of Compton Cowboys who ride horses in South Central L.A. @AMV_BBDO @Smugglersite https:/
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 14:14
RT @adforum: #cheers to the #AdOftheDay by @AMV_BBDO for @GuinnessIreland
Tweet : Sep 19th 2017 13:38
RT @shotscreative: .@AMV_BBDO offer a rare glimpse into an unusual community's custom; meet the #ComptonCowboys @GuinnessIreland https://t.
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RT @adsoftheworld: Check out the new Guinness ad by @AMV_BBDO: The Compton Cowboys' ????
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RT @charlotteperso1: Stunning work @GuinnessGB @AMV_BBDO @smugglersite #StraightoutofCompton
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RT @adforum: The #Top5 #BestAdsOfTheWeek by @AMV_BBDO @FCBBuenosAires @72andSunny @FCBinferno @LeoBurnettMel. Check them out:
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RT @The_IPA: Bridget Angear's @AMV_BBDO new book Revolt - about creating a movement - has a background in #MakePove
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RT @The_IPA: Our panel kicks off with conversation about authenticity and brand purpose.
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RT @smugglersite: #ComptonCowboys by @henryalexrubin and @AMV_BBDO ????
Tweet : Sep 18th 2017 18:27
RT @RandyW33K5: Love this. 'Compton cowboys' by @AMV_BBDO for @GuinnessGB
Tweet : Sep 18th 2017 18:21
RT @dsse77: Very proud to be launching our new #Guinness campaign today with the extraordinary story of the #ComptonCowboys
Tweet : Sep 18th 2017 18:19
RT @LondonRobinson: Guinness and @AMV_BBDO continue their perfect marriage of creativity. Compton Cowboys. Brilliant idea and execution ht
Tweet : Sep 18th 2017 18:19
RT @fabnewslive: .@GuinnessGB’s #ComptonCowboys Push Challenges Stereotypes to Enrich Our Lives @AMV_BBDO @DiageoGB
Tweet : Sep 18th 2017 18:18
RT @Campaignmag: Guinness depicts real-life Los Angeles cowboys in stirring new ad by @AMV_BBDO
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Flavour cloud is released! @MuseumChildhood
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About to create a flavour cloud! @MuseumChildhood
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Having fun at the Interactive taste workshop at @MuseumChildhood @BompasandParr
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RT @LucyMangan: Having a great time at @V_and_A Museum of Childhood children's taste workshop w/ @BompasandParr - open til 3, flavour cloud
Tweet : Sep 16th 2017 10:01
RT @factoryuk: BT Sport, Nike & VW all make this month's @Thinkboxtv Creative Shortlist.... #SoundDesign #Mix
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Martini - Play With Time
(Bacardi Global Brands)
Play With Time
Martini’s 2017 Play With Time campaign looks at the Italian joy of living.
Jul 7th 2017 11:28:21
Lotto - Who Wins If You Win
Who Wins If You Win
Lotto has been asking the public what they would buy their loved ones if they won the draw.
Jun 16th 2017 17:24:24
BT Broadband - BT Infinity
BT Broadband
BT Infinity
Ryan Reynolds demonstrates the power of BT Infinity’s Wi-Fi signal.
Apr 26th 2017 17:04:04
Sainsbury's  - The Greatest Gift
(Sainsbury's )
The Greatest Gift
Dave is a hard-working dad who realises the greatest gift he can give people this xmas is his time
Nov 22nd 2016 16:43:51
Maltesers - Look on the light side of disability
Look on the light side of disability
The new Maltesers spots focus on the lighter moments in the lives of those living with a disability
Sep 20th 2016 15:53:50

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