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Idahoan Perfect Mash, The story of the perfect ingredients... by Aesop
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Monkey Shoulder, Global Social Media Management by Space
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MWM, MWM Video by Dragon Rouge
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Royal Caribbean, This is How to Holiday by Hometown London
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Dot London, Make yours .london by Havas UK
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VOXI, VOXI x Artists by TMW Unlimited
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Nespresso, The Future of Coffee Experiences by FutureBrand
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Lurpak Lighter, Go Wild Light Lovers by BD Network
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“Creativebrief were nothing but professional from start to finish. We found they added value at each stage … I’d have no hesitation in recommending Creativebrief to assist clients in this process [of finding transformational agencies] – it made it easier, slicker and much more straightforward.”

Steve Clarke, Marketing Director, Genius Foods

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Sigrid X Topshop
Sigrid featured in the latest Topshop Christmas campaign alongside three other rising…
Universal Music Group and Brands
16.02.2018 17:29:13
Make Today Super
Brightening Londoners' days by dishing out Super Juice bottles complete with 'super…
16.02.2018 15:28:02
EDF Energy
Pretty Curious Studios
Addressing the under-representation of women in STEM by re-framing science in a…
16.02.2018 14:50:09
Chiltern Railways
Tactical Campaign to drive short-term ticket sales
MSQ Partners
16.02.2018 14:36:48
Stella Artois
Stella Artois partners with
Stella Artois & make impact of the global water crisis hit home in hidden…
3 Monkeys | Zeno
15.02.2018 17:50:25
Internet for all
Telling the stories of real people who have benefited from a connected world.
Mr President
15.02.2018 14:06:10
Bumble #loveequals Valentines Day Brand Activation
A fun experiential campaign designed to inject some romance into Covent Garden on…
15.02.2018 12:01:41
Microsoft x Shondaland
Transatlantic bring Microsoft together with Shonda Rhimes' new digital platform,…
14.02.2018 22:08:35
Valentine's Day Proposal Guide
An inspiring social media and web campaign on planning the perfect Valentine's Day…
14.02.2018 20:52:26
Advertising Week
Great Minds Think Unalike
Advertising to the advertisers is not an easy task.
Gravity Road
14.02.2018 15:42:09
Driving awareness among consumers who appreciate outstanding design
Bray Leino
14.02.2018 15:40:06
Investec Vision 2018
A glimpse into the financial future and beyond
14.02.2018 10:34:30
Call and Conquer
Tactical work appearing by this weekend's 6 Nations action, part of our Call & Conquer…
Hometown London
12.02.2018 16:11:07
Dacia Way I Like It
‘Dacia Way I Like It’ campaign boosts brand awareness to celebrate 5 years and 120,000…
12.02.2018 15:08:26
Royal Academy of Engineering
This is Engineering
A campaign to transform the perception of engineering in response to a worsening…
12.02.2018 11:25:23
Winter Olympics - Jump
Latest campaign, featuring the nation’s favourite Olympic ski jumper Eddie ‘The…
McCann Manchester
09.02.2018 16:26:57
Winter Olympics - Skater
Latest campaign, featuring two of the most iconic figure skaters of all time, Torvill…
McCann Manchester
09.02.2018 16:24:44
Felix Megabrand
Sharpening the European toolbox.
Live & Breathe
08.02.2018 16:16:53
The Body Shop
Play for Peace
Spreading good Christmas vibes (and sales)
Live & Breathe
08.02.2018 12:39:18
L'Occitane en Provence
L'Occitane Flagship Retail Experience
Today our new experience design for L'Occitane en Provence officially opens on Regent…
08.02.2018 09:44:41
Miele’s Perfection Series
Miele has UK chefs show us perfection in the kitchen
Mr President
07.02.2018 12:53:17
St James's
St James's Correspondent
Explore St James's from east to west with a one of a kind scented publication.
Mr President
07.02.2018 12:40:58
Lloyds Bank
Lloyds Bank explores the common misconceptions about living with a non-visible disability.
07.02.2018 11:07:16
The Ultimate Christmas Sleepover
A sneak peek into the iconic red truck as the doors opened for the ultimate Christmas…
06.02.2018 17:10:45
Monkey Shoulder
Global Social Media Management
Mixing up the whisky world with UGC to get everyone to #MakeItMonkey
06.02.2018 16:32:11
Arla BOB
UK Social Media Management
Bringing everyday joy with “skimmed milk that tastes like semi” from the UK’s first…
06.02.2018 16:31:45
Marriott Rewards
Marriott Rewards & Superbowl LII
Marriott gives away 3 million reward points via social campaign plus 1 special trip…
06.02.2018 14:39:24
Nespresso Vintage Collection
The Nespresso Vintage Collection borrows an approach akin to wine, to elevate the…
06.02.2018 12:14:48
The Vodka With Nothing To Hide
Blush easily? Absolut employees bare all to show it really is ‘the Vodka with Nothing…
BBH London
06.02.2018 10:22:56
DAN Europe
This is the #whywedoit story of Jason deCaires Taylor who creates monumental underwater…
06.02.2018 09:45:05
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